A Pint of Piracy

City of the Dead

I just want to goto bed

Leaving the room with the mummy & the remains of shattered bone the party fled up to the relative safety of their bolthole. Abu tryed to teleport but couldn’t visualise the room well enough. A black robed man arrived with a dozen followers before Abu could regain his arcane power. Croy wanted to kill them but Abu wanted to join when he heard that they had Drugs, Booze & Hookers. Black Robe led the party through the city of the dead & when Black Robe & half of his followers had gone down to the next level Abu exploded killing the 6 uptop. The rest of the party rained missile attacks on Black Robe & his remaining followers. They then looted & resting among the corpses of the Black Robes while Croy looked for secret doors. Croy found a door leading out of the room leading to a corridor with a dead end. Croy then looked for a secret door & while searching a green bumpy hobgoblin entered through a secret door. Croy attacked hitting the greeny but its wounds healed. Then the rest of the party attacked killing the greeny & Abu hit it with his green flame blade until it stopped regenerating. Then the party retreated up the ladder & found a room in the city of the dead where they holed up & tryed to goto sleep. Several wandering monsters tried to get into the baracaded room & soon after they got to sleep a group of hobgoblins broke down the door to attack the party. Much killing happened & the party won.

Session ends

GM Note: I skipped past several sessions & posted it in point form so I wouldn’t get so far behind.



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