A Pint of Piracy

Enter the Croy

As the rest of the group searched Cory climbed down the ladder & entered the room. He looked at them, they looked at him & everyone recognised each other. Croy was relieved to have found more members of the doomed caravan while the rest of them were not as happy. One more mouth to feed & water. Moving quickly before more predators arrived drawn by the scent of blood & food they quickly moved off deeper into the ziggurat. Looking down the corridor they saw 2 doors. 1 to the left & one to the right, past it ran a corridor running left to right forming a “T” with the one they were in. Moving first to the right hand door they threw it open & saw nothing. Nothing but an ancient bedroom, dust piled up on the floor & furniture inches deep. Flesh starving for fluid they frantically searched for water but found nothing, the room had been abandoned so long that the ink at the writing desk had dryed up. Immediatly they crossed the hallway to the other room, and saw a mirror of the previous room with one important difference. A huge lizard sat behind the bed chewing on a humanoid body that looked vagely human. Sane men would have thought of the danger, but these were not sane men.

These were starving adventurers dying of dehydration.

Austen screamed out “FOOD” and unleashed a barrage of Arcane might that staggered the lizard while the rest of the hunger crazed group charged into butcher it. The miniature fireballs erupted into a small inferno engulfing the desiccated bed and illuminating the room with a hellish glow that framed the insanity their faces. Croy flipped over the flames and slashed at the lizard in midair landing in the corner trapped between the flames and the lizard. Moving at the same time Abu Dhabi ran to the head of the bed, his sword flashed green with arcane might as he drove his strike home. Austin started screaming “THE HEAD IS MINE SAVE THE HEAD FOR ME” The two Treewardens threw bolts of diving light from thir fingers while Prowler threw his dwarven javelin into the lizard while moved into the corner opposite Croy and fumbled for another weapon.
The fire continued to burn as Croys twin scimitars flashed blood red his armour smoldering in the heat, Abu screamed as razor sharp teeth sank into his leg, Prowler was slammed into the ground as 200 pounds of hungry lizard fell from the roof while the wizard & Treewardens continued to send bolt after bolt of magical death toward the lizard. The lizard pinning Prowler bend to bite when Prowler headbutted it then taking advantage of the momentary distraction quickly pushed up on his shield throwing it next to Abu Dhabi. Austin mumbled “Sorry”, he saw a tactical opportunity and targeted Abu Dhabi.
Abu Dhabi became ground zero as waves of arcane fire struck him and exploded sending flares toward both of the lizards. As the life began to leave Abu, Hadar called on the lifeforce of the Earth to heal his wounds while Tammy continued her divine assault against the lizard behind the bed.
The lizard Prowler had thrown regained it’s footing and lashed out at Abu, Prowler immediately slashed it with his axe punishing it for ignoring him staggering it with a mighty strike and proceded to unleash blow after blow at the hapless lizard while the burning bed blackened the leather armour worn by Croy. Ignoring the blistering pain Croy continued to lash at the first lizard with his twin scimitars.



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