A Pint of Piracy

Homeward bound

Standing among the bodies of the hobgoblins who so rudely interrupted their slumber our marauding psychos decide to find a new place to nap. They wander down the hallway into a twisty part of the city of the dead where there are several corridors that turn out of sight. Proceeding down one that they think is the way to the top they arrive at an unexpected door. Listening at the door everything is dead quiet they open the door, see a 2 foot deep layer of bones in a 30 foot square room and promptly shut the door. Abu & Austin use their arcane knowledge to try to detect the presence of magic. They sense magic but it is to the left & slightly behind them. Going back they take the other corridor and find the path they were looking for. Listening at the first door in the long passageway they hear walking & flip a coin to see if they want to enter the room. Based on the coin toss they continue up the corridor to the next room, over 100 feet down. Just as they are about to reach the door they hear a deafening crash and see a huge boulder rolling down the hall towards them, running down the corridor they reach the safety of a side passage. The boulder continues past them down the main corridor smashing into the wall at the end, blocking the pathway. Without batting an eye they return their planned path & continue all the way to their bolthole. Settling down for a nice well deserved sleep the dwarves begin snoring while the elves settle into a meditative trace. less that 30 minutes later the elves hear a chop chop chopping at the statue. Waiting to see what will come of the sounds they hear the statue then the outer door splinter under the assault of axes. They then hear two creatures speaking hobgoblin shout out. “Sweet, food. Lets grab this shit” Abu then wakes the dwarves & the party preps for combat. Abu opens the door, Hadar hits them with a Daunting light, Austen fires off a Force orb and Prowler charges one of the Hobgoblins grabbing a crate while the hobgoblins look up in shock and awe. One of the hobgoblins gets his wits about him, leaps over the crates and slashes at Prowler missing completely but still manages to form a shield wall with his compatriot. Abu throws his sword at the hobgoblins & it explodes shattering bones rending flesh before the first bit even hits the ground Austin conjures up a cloud of elemental ice, flash freezing the enemies and Prowler who lashes out with his axe shattering one of the frozen hobgoblins. As the remaining 2 hobgoblins attempt to attack their frozen limbs shear off & shatter on the ground rendering the helpless as they bleed out onto the floor. After they catch their breath Hadar throws up his hands “This is hopeless, we’ve never going to get a good nights sleep down here, lets camp outside”. Following their map out to the surrounding city they find an abandoned house & set up camp for the night. Several bliss filled hours later they wake up and loll around the house planning to reenter the ziggurat several hours later in the after noon. As they are preparing their lunch Abu spots a rider in the desert & hails him. Some negotiating happens & the party trades the city they are in and 100gp for passage out of the deep desert. The nomads accept the offer but they need to get it approved by the Sheikh when they camp for the night. When the night arrives & after the camp is set up the Sheikh agrees to see the group, makes the agreement to take them out of the deep desert & tells them to get out.

Session Ends



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