A Pint of Piracy

Into the darkness

The Hobgoblin was bloated and putrified lying naked on the floor preventing the wall from closing and sealing off the ziggurat from the harsh desert. While the rest of the group was searching for food & water in the city. Austin (Dwarven Wizard)in a morbid frenzy danced upon the corpse of the hobgoblin releasing foul gasses pent up within the body, encrusting his boots with rank fluids and spreading the rotting remains all over the immediate area.

He then searched for any loot the hobgoblin may have swallowed.

When the rest of the group returned they found the entrance had closed, a quick search found the concealed door & they entered the ziggurat. The cool stones were a welcome relief from the unrelenting sun that had been bathing them in an inferno for the last week, their eyes adjusted to see a crossbow aimed directly at head level. Diving for cover they looked up to see the crossbow had alreadly loosed its bolt. Hader (High Elf Treewarden)ran over to the crossbow and rips, it from its mounting, throws it on the floor and jumps up and down on it. While Hader is feeling rather pleased with himself that he has destroyed the crossbow trap Prowler not seeing and ammunition for the crossbow walks over and pops out the tension spring. Then the door slides closed plunging the group into near total darkness, the only light a sliver peaking through the edge of the door. Austin popped off a flare to provide the elves with sufficent light to see then the group began to follow the corridor in hopes that it would lead to food & water. The corridor led into an odd room, it had 3 bronze cylinders running from floor to ceiling. Looking around the room they say that the middle cylinder had a pool of dried blood in front of it.

At this point the group suddenly thought about the possibility of traps

Harads’ ears detect a faint hissing sound & the party starts looking around the room finding several small holes. Abu Dhabi starts poking around inside the holes & finds a firing mechanism to shoot small darts. After he rips out the mechanism the party searches the left cylinder finding a pressure plate right before the door that is pryed off with a sword but the hissing continues making it hard to breath for everone so the group quickly enters the door on the cylinder & closes it shut.

Just as the door closes on the party a Wood Elven scout who was working as an outrider for the caravan enters the city, tracking the other survivors of the sandstorm. He reaches the summet of the ziggurat and noticing the blood stain from the hobgoblin that Austin had pulverised begins to search for a hidden entrance. Quickly finding it he opens the door & enters. Finding traces of the preceeding groups searches he enters the corridor and collects the crossbow. The crossbow proves to be unworkable when he examines it while the hidden door closes sending Croy into near total darkness, only a sliver of light enters through an opening in the secret door. While Croy works in the darkness to build a fire for light the 1st group climbs up the ladder to find an odd room full of levers & knobs & switches, with a couple of holes at eyelevel. As they look out through the eyeholes they see outside the ziggurat & realise they are seeing the city through the eyes of one of the statues mounted at the top. Finding no food or water they revers direction & climb down the ladder. Tammy now leading the group down the ladder sees several large glowing beetles, beetles the size of Rottweilers. Frighted she immediatly teleports as far up as she can materialising in midair, grabs for the ladder and missed. As she falls she sets up a domino effect landing on the rearmost member causing him to loose his grip & fall onto the next person up who looses their grip & so on until the whole group lands in a broken bloody mess at the bottom of the ladder.

Croy slowly enters the room with the cylinders holding part of the broken crossbow aflame like a torch & begins to search for traps.

Austin gets to his feet first & rapidly throws a small ball of fire at one of the beetles causing a small explosion when it hits, Prowler bursts off of the floor slamming his axe into one of the beetles using it as support to keep weight off of his broken leg, Abu Dhabi snaps his hand out & a lash of green fire jumps from his palm to entangle a beetle & drags it closer to him & Prowler. Bolts of light fly from the hands of the Treewardens Tamy & Harad causing burns with the intense power of their faith. The beetles used to small desert animals feebly attempting to defend themselves quickly succumb under the combines assault from the 5 caravan guards. Abu Dhabi & Austin remove the glowing rear part of the beetles carapace while others examine the corpses for food potential but determine they would be poisonous unless prepared properly with spices & cooking tools unavailable to them. The rest of the room contained a small forge & several clay jars that once held oil that had mostly evaperated over the years but they still managed to extract a litre of oil from the hundreds of litres once stored in the room.

As they searched the room; Croy feeling sick & dizzy in the cylinder room entered the central cylinder & climbed down the ladder.


Croy actually entered the campaign in session 2, his actions were played out at the beginning of session 2 but they were included here to keep the cronology.



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