A Pint of Piracy


Searching for food & water the party staggers through the desert for days. Most nights went quietly but occasionally packs of lizards the size of Chihuahuas attacked during the night. Soon after the last of the food & water was gone & the dwarves fading due to lack of water they come across an ancient city long buried by the sands that was unearthed by the last storm.

An ancient city that time itself has forgotten and in the center a ziggurat topped with 3 statues. A strong bearded man holding a balance in one hand and a lightning bolt in the other, a winged child with 2 snakes entwined about his body with a wand in one hand and some coins in the other, a beautiful woman holding a sheaf of wheat and a sword.

Splitting up to search the city they find the city dry & without food but they find a dead hobgoblin on the top of the ziggurat propping open a concealed door.


We ended up with hobgoblin paste .....mmmmmm


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