A Pint of Piracy

The adventure begins


Their are many reasons why people hire on as caravan guards; for some it is a carreer, others an escape from the boring life they faced in their small villages, for a few a last chance to make a living with their sword. They came from all over the known world guarding the fortune of others, their pay a tentrid a day less stoppages. Several days travel into the deep desert of the Emirates of Ylaruam, in an area devoid of life a massive sandstorm rose up forcing everyone in the caravan to seek shelter. We now focus on a group of guards that took shelter in a group of rocks when the storm hit.

The wizard Austin & Prowler the fighter both Dwarves from Rockholm, High Elves Hader & Tammi Treewardens from Alfheim, & Abu Dhabi High Elf Mageblade of the Deserts of Ylaruam dig out from under the sand of the storm to see no familiar landmarks, the storm has rearranged the whole landscape & their is no sign of the caravan. Sand has gotten into their food, flying rocks have damaged their canteens & they have no idea where the nearest oasis is.

The group of survivors moves off through the trackless desert hoping to find food, water, and civilization.



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