The Seven Secret Crafts of Glantri

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CircleCycleCostExperienceLevelSuccess# of uses
1st145005000560+1 lvl3/day

  • Circle: Rank within the order
  • Cycle:The time needed in days to gain 1 ability of a circle. At the end of the cycle the student learns the ability. The study may be freely interupted. To learn the ability the student must roll under Int on 1d20 or start over.
  • Cost: The fee in ducats (gp) per day of study.
  • Experience: The number of experience points a student must earn to have the best chance of success with the new ability. The student must earn the listed amount of experience, using the new ability, before starting a new cycle. When done the experience is lost and the student may begin normal level progression.
  • Level:The minimum level a disciple may begin studying abilities of each circle.
  • Success:The percentage chance that a disciple has of using an ability. If the required amount of experience has not been accumulated yet then the chance is halved.
  • # of Uses:The number of times that the ability can be attempted. A failed attempt is counted as a use of the ability.

Alchemist Master of Dragons Master of the Elements Master of Illusions Master of Necromancy Master of the Runes Mistress of Witchcraft

The Seven Secret Crafts of Glantri

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