Average Height: 3’9"-4’2 (44+1d6 inches) Average 4ft (1.2m)
Average Weight: 135-160 lb. (130+5d6 lb.) Average Weight 150 Pounds (68Kg)

Dwarves are too small to use 2 handed heavy blade weapons or longbows.
Languages: Thyatian, Dwarven (Dialect), Gnome, Goblin, Kobold
Darkvision 10 (50ft)(15.24m)
Female Dwarves do not have facial hair
Dwarves aged 20-49 are Youths. Youths apprentice to trades, enlist in the military, join the clergy, or go out to see the world on “Learnings”. Youth may not hold government positions or hold the throne. Dwarven adventurers should be youths except for Clerics who must be 50 years old.
Dwarves aged 50-99 are Adults. Adults may hold a government position (military officer, government official, king), take apprentices in his trade, be ordained, or hold other positions of responsibility.

Dodge Giant is a Hin feat

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